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These glimpses of a character's backstory allow readers to connect with the character by showing the origin of that character's emotions or motivations.

These glimpses of a character's backstory allow readers to connect with the character by showing the origin of that character's emotions or motivations.Continue Reading → First-person: I saw this, I did that. First-person viewpoint confines the writer to what the "I" can know, whether that "I" be the author or someone else.

In the beginning, it discusses several different methods for creating ideas as an ongoing process.

For writers who have been doing this a long time, they already employ most of them, but I’ve heard feedback that there’s at least one that they either didn’t think of or haven’t used in a while.

If you need a book cover made, he’s the guy to talk to.

If you’d like, read below for a random sampling of the writing prompts in this book.

After listening, he immediately gets up, sells everything he owns, and moves out of the country.

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Have him share what was said to a stranger on the plane. Write a scene about a medieval butcher’s shop from the viewpoint of a modern vegan. A modern culture decides to embrace an ancient civilization who worshipped the dead. The first time your daughter’s doll asked you for a hug, you didn’t think anything of it. It was merely something created to give the illusion of order in the universe.PDF Handouts: Manuscript Format Your manuscript is like a job interview.Use this free guide to make a good first impression.1000 Creative Writing Prompts Need an idea to help you get started writing?You’ll find hundreds of fun writing prompts here – perfect for beginning a new novel or short story, or simply giving your writing muscle a workout.In Description isn't a "grocery list" of images and sensations.Pick up a book and turn to a page of description, a passage where a character or a room is being introduced to the reader. Continue Reading → Overcome writer's block: Take a book off the shelf (fiction works best) and open it at random.Writing Dialogue A one-page guide that covers basic dialogue punctuation. The First Chapter A one-page checklist developed by my mentor, Dee Lopez, for her writing workshop students.Showing Thoughts in a Manuscript Do you use quotation marks? Common Dialogue Copyedits A quick guide to common dialogue punctuation mistakes. Write about how she juggles her responsibilities between making chicken fingers and keeping up her kill count. Bob from Human Resources is the only reason why humanity still exists today. This is why people very rarely kiss, and when they do, it bonds them for life…literally. Normally this wouldn’t seem odd, but it’s pouring down rain, and the figure hasn’t moved at all.You wait to see if the girl’s parents show up, but all she does is stare at your front door. When you turn back around, her face is tilted up to your window. Two lovers lie close to one another when one whispers something in the other’s ear.


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