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Specific effects of the drug are discussed as well as treatment alternatives for addiction to this substance. Thesis is supported by a study which is designed to demonstrate the correlation between youth crack use and youth crime, with a specific concentration on early use data. : A 12 page paper that considers the issue of heroin addiction, outlines the use, effects, dependency and treatment, within the context of a growing population of heroin users in the United States. : In 8 pages the author discusses substance abuse, particularly heroin addiction.

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Bibliography lists nine sources, all sources have been published since 1992. : A 10 page paper discussing the psychology, motivation, and results of alcohol abuse in college students.

Reasons such as anxiety, peer pressure, and family history of alcohol abuse figure most prominently in the factors motivating college-age drinking. : An 11 page paper that describes the pre-intervention assessment methods and the facts behind the substance abuse habits of a loving but highly angry 16-year-old boy.

The writer describes the types of treatment interventions, the family dynamic, and the role of the family. : A 10 page overview of the laws affecting the possession and sale of alcoholic beverages in Alaska.

Cognitive and behavioral techniques are highlighted. Includes information regarding the history and current status of such laws and statistics regarding alcohol related injuries as well as information regarding "local option" the ability of individual communities to prohibit sale and possession of alcoholic beverages in their communities.

Bill is the product of pugnacious and alcoholic homes, and trying his best to stay away from the drugs to which he feels so drawn.

He is constantly in trouble at school; his dark anger brought him to juvenile court on assault charges filed by his stepmother.The writer goes into considerable detail about who is most at risk, why teenagers start drinking in the first place, and some of the things we could be doing to reduce the growing number of teenagers turning to alcohol. Most anyone who has been drinking and has been asked to hand over the keys argues that he is fine or she is not drunk.Watching them stumble out the door is evidence enough that what they think and what is reality are two completely different things. : This 15 page paper takes the position that those who kill while driving drunk should be charged with murder. : A 7 page research paper arguing quite strongly that alcoholism is, in fact, a hereditary disease linked to our genes.Bill is a very real character; the paper contains no fiction. : A 12 page paper that explores present treatments for substance abuse.The paper is a discussion and comparison of twelve-step programs, individual therapy, family system therapies, and group therapies--but focuses primarily on the synthesis of these treatment programs, which mirrors current practice.It is argued based upon statistical data and scholarly example that the "drug problem" in the U. is not nearly as terrible as we are led to believe it is. Bibliography lists the 5 sources analyzed within the body of the paper.: An 11 page paper discussing the problem of drugs in America, as well as other parts of the world, and why the war on drugs has failed.Heroin addicts face many challenges related to their health, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS. : An 8 page paper that argues against the legalization of marijuana from a sociological and psychological perspective. : A 7 page research paper evluatively assessing whether or not drug abstinence programs can work for addicted people.The writer suggests that while there is considerable data about the usefulness of this drug from a medical standpoint, the general legalization would have considerable social and psychological implications. Psychological factors determining how effective such programs will be are discussed throughout. : 8 pages based upon findings in five journal articles which maintain that the social programs and ideas such as "The War on Drugs" are overreaching political ploys to distract our attention from the real issues at-hand.Provides details regarding Burrow, one of the first Alaskan communities to implement their local option. : A 26 page paper arguing that alcoholism, while manifesting physical symptoms and genetic changes, is not in itself a disease, but rather a sin.Presents the contrast that although the Burrow prohibition appeared to translated into fewer alcohol-related incidences, the community elected to return to legalized sales after only one year of prohibition. The genetic evidence that has been found quite likely is not the cause, but is rather the result of alcoholism, as those genetic defects have been found only in true alcoholics.


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