3000 Word Essay In A Week

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if you're stressed but definitely a quiet environment, adopting a 9-5 approach and just sitting there and saying 'this has to be done' helps!

What would you do if you could write an extra 10,000 words to kick you content into high gear? With the right work ethic, you can write 10,000 words in less than 12 hours.

I've just written a princely 154 words so far in 20minutes.:-) It is more a creative exercise than a research one, about presenting my research well.

I'm talking about writing 3000 words per day each day until next Wednesday night. How many words of Ph D standard is the most you've written in a day or week?

You won’t develop a habit for writing, and you’ll grind through the process instead of enjoying the journey.

If you constantly pressure yourself with this goal, you risk getting overwhelmed and despising writing all together.

Hope you get it done ok :-) I thought I was hard done by having to get my board paper written and submitted by the 15th at around 10K words lol Aodhán - from your other posting it looks like you have to do this for your thesis resubmission. Now that's great if you could afford to go off and rent a log cabin and you weren't worried about Jason or Leatherface coming after you but I think you can borrow her logic in the sense that try and find a setting in which you won't have distractions and tell your friends and family you've got to get this done so no distractions for 5-7 days and just sit there and get it done.

Still sounds like a huge amount to try and get done and esp.

I'm actually attempting a similar feat of 15,000 words in two weeks, but with a lot of research unfinished.

Edit: just to add, why does it have to be 25,000 words?


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