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He wrote and published an excellent book about his unhappy childhood – a story of satisfaction and hopefulness. But when he was 12 everything changed about him, and Ishmael changed himself.Suddenly the civil war started, it was a great conflict in Sierra Leone and Ishmael’s village was attacked.

She was a storyteller and she helped Ishmael understand how it is important to describe his experience to other people all over the world.

After reading his memoirs, thousands of people can try to prevent their children from such awful things.

By thirteen, he has been picked up by the government army, and is conditioned to fight in the war by being provided with as many drugs as he could consume (cocaine and marijuana), rudimentary training, and an AK-47.

In the next two years, Beah goes on a mind-bending killing spree to avenge the death of his dear ones.

Now Beah graduated from the United Nations International School and Oberlin College. The boy loves his kind nurse, but he never meet her after leaving that city. But they did not stop to love and respect the young nephew; he was like a native son for them. I am really happy for Ishmael that after such horror circumstances in his childhood he turned in a perfect young man with kind heart.

Beah is a part of Human Rights Watch Children's Rights Division Advisory Committee and has talked to different people from the government about the problems of children affected by war. This foundation dedicates to help former child soldiers to find themselves and to be really happy in a nowadays society. They were together during the whole war, and later together were sent to therapy. And really Ishmael felt happy in this friendly family. The book “A Long Way Gone” will not leave anyone indifferent. I can say with confidence that this biography is really worth of reading!

And once the western media started sensationalizing the violence in Sierra Leone without any human context, people started relating Sierra Leone to civil war, madness and amputations only as that was all that was spoken about. While the book does give a glimpse of the war situation, the story should be taken with a grain of salt.

Have you ever heard about kids, who were real soldiers? We are going to tell you a gripping story about child’s life during the war.

Almost all of Ishmael’s relatives were killed by Revolutionary United Front (RUF).

The boy was all alone so he decided to go away with his friends.


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