Act Score 12 Essay

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This should always, ALWAYS, be an expository essay.I recommend intro, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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The three perspectives are simple boxes that all take a different opinion towards the prompt presented most always one being for, one against, and one neutral/centrist.

This is the struggle I think people find with the essay.

Step 2 - Body paragraph 1 should totally diss the pro choice, say the con misdiagnoses the issue, and begin the development of your own perspective.

This is where you begin to tailor your own perspective, and by rejecting each perspective as a means to address the prompt, your perspective should always be about "analyzing" or "appreciating" the very nature of the prompt.

It is the bodies, this element of "critical" engagement and self-perspectives, that most commonly turns ACT essays awry.

Act Score 12 Essay

First of all, identify the three perspectives opinion on the subject.For example, again,"Perspective Two makes the closet relationship to alternative methods to which globalization aspires, but still does not actually suggest what Globalization might actually be.Analyzing globalization as a unique evolution of language especially through social media and the development of the English lingua franca, is the absolute best method to view a world of convergence and homogeneity."I should also mention that these are outlines. You should begin by saying something mildly philosophical in nature of the prompt and the perspective you developed, such as "Although the Perspectives argue over the good and bad aspects of globalization, it must be understood that they misunderstand the very nature of globalization for what it actually is." From here, you should just tie a nice bow on the essay by restating your thesis and reiterating your attention-grabbing statement.Hey, r/ACT, So lately I have received a lot of DMs regarding the ACT essay.It seems to me most people are just stumped with how this essay is formatted and how to approach it, logically though, as this essay is really like no other essay you will ever write.For this explanation, we will use the example of Globalization.We need to identify which perspective is positive (or in favor) negative (not in favor), and the awkward one which lay somewhere in-between.So, here we would explain that Globalization is bad, not good like Perspective One says it is, but not bad for the reasons Perspective Three says it is.So, in these lines, we would say that Perspective One is wrong, because ..., but Perspective Three "misses the forest for the trees." Here, we would suggest our alternative.This is ultimately the thoughtful formula that the ACT readers are looking for.What better to critically engage to the point of total rejection?


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