African American History Research Paper Topics

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This guide is not comprehensive; it does not list all of the resources on this subject or in related disciplines owned by the Library or available on the Internet.Besides, the former slaves never got over their dreadful, humiliating and dehumanizing past. By realizing the rhyme, line structure, and metaphor presentation in this poem, we can realize that Mc Kay sought to convey a just war for a noble death that he, and his fellow soldiers fought for in mayhem and destruction of the First World War. A Review of The Negro in Pennsylvania History Desc: This paper provides an exploration of slavery in the book "The Negro in Pennsylvania History".Freedom was a myth and the pain could only be overcome by talking of it. This book is a hard-to-find pamphlet which identifies slavery as creating specific conditions which defined the status of slaves in Pennsylvania. Desc: This paper details my perception of the short story, "Say Yes." Love knows no color, but love isn't always easy."Say Yes" is an emotional story of love and its pitfalls.In this provocative story, the husband loves his wife dearly but fails to really know that all she wants to hear is affirmation of her proposal of love despite the racial undertone involve.Who, When, Why and How the source compares to the analysis. It includes the basic topic of the story and the comparison between the characters. Desc: This paper will discuss Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes Are Watching God" and the conflicts that develop among the characters that are in the book. A Compare and Contrast of Ralph Ellison's Protagonists.The husband does not come to the realization of this concept until the end of the story when he accepts the proposal and puts forth the effort to "make it up" to his wife, Ann. Addressing Oppression: Four Works on America, Blame, and Responsibility Desc: This paper explores four works on oppression and the American mentality. Desc: Affirmative action works when there is an issue of people's color, race and ethnicity.In these works, it is made clear that the general population perceives horrid acts as underserved, where they overlook evidence that demonstrates that the horrific acts are in some manner created through their own actions, and therefore fail to take full responsibility for them. Affirmative action comes to the rescue of those who were previously excluded from jobs or denied educational opportunities.All of these call numbers will be located on the 4th floor of the library.E184.5 - E185.98 - United States, Elements in the Population, Afro-Americans HT851 - HT1445 - Classes, Slavery HT1501 - HT1595 - Races, including race as a social group and race relations To discover the call number ranges for broader, narrower, or different subjects, consult the Library of Congress Classification Outline.


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