After Beyond Democracy Division Essay Europe German

After Beyond Democracy Division Essay Europe German-74
Krastev includes chapters devoted to Europe's major problems (especially the political destabilization sparked by the more than 1.3 million migrants from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia), the spread of right-wing populism (taking into account the election of Donald Trump in the United States), and the thorny issues facing member states on the eastern flank of the EU (including the threat posed by Vladimir Putin's Russia).He concludes by reflecting on the ominous political, economic, and geopolitical future that would await the continent if the Union itself begins to disintegrate.

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The viewpoint is that of an reluctant or realist euroskeptic, who would much rather see the glorious union prevail, but thinks that an unlikely future. So here are my reactions and thoughts:- Europe in general, and European elites in particular, narrate the 20th century as one of a struggle with ethno-nationalist and anti-democratic forces, one which was overcome.

They then apply that narrative universally, which is a major mistake as it does not apply to many non-European countries.

(The problem is, the real rightish fraction actually uses these topics in their own distorted way.) There is only black and white, Nazi or not Nazi, so it seems.

We have been litterally trained and drilled to bow instead of walking upright.

You don't question the media you are flooded with and so are susceptible to mass papers like the BILD-Magazine that are so disgusting that you "offend dead fish if you wrap it into it" (Volker Pispers).

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My point being, we have no backbone, like the french do.

Instead, over everything they were taught hung this big german guilt thing like a huge dark thundercloud. I graduated from school in 98 and I still could feel it, and only now, this seems to have changed.

In the wake of this, you are put into the righthand corner rather quickly.

The new generations, however, grew into the direct aftermath of "World war II - The return of the killer germans".

While the older ones had to find a way to get over the fact that what they believed was right just turned out to be a huge crime (many broke down metally over that task), the youngsters had no recollections of an authoritarian state, despite those who were born or raised during the war.


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