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Yesterday, the water lilies and the wonderful bird life had enticed me into a joyous afternoon's idyll as I ventured onto the East Alligator Lagoon for the first time in a canoe lent by the park service.

"You can play about on the backwaters," the ranger had said, "but don't go onto the main river channel.

The whole arrangement is surrounded by rows of crocodiles with rope curls beneath, which seems to point to the proposed reading of Crocodile's royal serekh.

But Egyptologists Van den Brink and Ludwig David Morenz argue against the idea that the seal impression talks about the ruler.

The language is clear enough for kids under six, but just a little challenging.

Words like "silky," "crest," or "sleek" are great ones for kids to add to thei My niece will be the kid at the zoo who knows the seals from the sea lions, and the crocodiles from the alligators.

In 2004, Acoustic Guitar magazine named his solo recording "The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar" one of the best CDs of the year.

) is the provisional name of a predynastic ruler, who might have ruled during the late Naqada III epoch.

This specific diction of designations of origin is archaeologically proven for the time before three mentioned kings, from King Ka onward, it was Inj-mehw (with the same meaning).

One interesting artifact that possibly depicts King Crocodile, was found at Hierakonpolis in the so-called Main deposit.


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