An Essay On Uses Of Internet

An Essay On Uses Of Internet-60
Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for kids, children and school students (Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard).Introduction: Sending a message to a friend, buying a commodity, finding directions to your destination or simply keeping in touch with friends can all be challenging endeavors.However, the internet has changed the way we relate with our environment and our world in general.

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This connection is usually done by physically attaching a cable to both computers. Shopping Conclusion: As the days go by new fields and application of the internet keeps emerging.

However, since the advent of satellite technology, it is now possible to connect two computers without any physical cable. Recently, people have found that the internet can learn from itself while others have explored the financial applications of the internet. The development of internet can be traced back to the 1960s.

The spam e-mails can also contain potential threats like viruses, details of illegal activities, or soliciting money from the users.

Information theft: The internet contains everything and anything freely available.

Let’s see the disadvantages of the internet in the following paragraphs: Spamming: Spamming is the dumping of bulk e-mails which are not solicited by the users.

These e-mails can clog the whole system and serve no purpose.Better Knowledge Repository: When people started capitalizing on the varied uses of internet, they understood the immense power it had.Regardless of what topic you want to know about, the internet is a knowledge hub with all kinds of details in it.Technology should always be put to constructive use for the best results!Introduction: The advancements in technology have changed our lives in several ways, including how we communicate, how we do business, how we run our social and personal lives, etc.Identity theft and security breach: This is one of the scariest disadvantages of internet.People’s identities are stolen and misused and at times, their privacy and security are breached to an extent that many people lose their lives or money because of this terrifying loophole on the internet.People all over the world are now using internet daily.The internet has enabled the growth of society both positively and negatively.The connection could be made by simply sending signals from one computer to the satellite network. It mainly refers to the system made by interconnecting the different computer network which follows a common protocol so that devices all over the world can stay connected.The network in-turn transfers the same message to the second computer. Ever since the popularity of the internet, it has managed to yield widespread use.


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