Application Letter For Medical Claim

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I felt a searing and acute pain in my head, neck, and shoulder areas. He explained that when he realized he was about to miss the Thunderbird Road exit, he quickly changed lanes to exit.Be sure to include incriminating statements of the at-fault driver.Most claims adjusters are working on over a hundred claims at any one time, so you want your demand letter to stand out.

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This can be important when discussing issues like contributory or comparative negligence, preexisting injuries, prior claims, and more.Admissions of distraction, sleepiness, texting, etc. are considered “admissions against (the insured’s) interest.” Such admissions can be quite powerful if used in court, and claims adjusters know it. The Phoenix Police and Fire and Rescue arrived within several minutes. Shapely told the responding police officer, John Jacobs, that he clearly saw your insured cut in front of me without signaling and collided into the front of my Honda.Your insured stated he was not injured; but I was in excruciating pain. Shapley was traveling directly behind me in his car. Officer Jacobs issued two (2) traffic citations to your insured for “Failing to Signal” and “Illegal Lane Change.” Officer Jacob’s diagram on the back of the police report unequivocally shows your insured was at fault. at Phoenix General Hospital’s Emergency Room examined me the day of the collision. Waters ordered an MRI exam, which showed that I sustained a Grade 3 tear to the crucial ligament in my right shoulder and a Grade 2 sprain to the crucial ligament in my left shoulder. Waters prescribed Vicodin 5mg #30 and Flexeril 10mg #30, and ordered six (6) weeks of therapy. Waters not to return to my job as a sheet fitter during that time, as doing so would likely exacerbate my injuries and prolong my recovery.There is no way your company can fully compensate me for all I have suffered.At a minimum, I expect you as their representative to try to compensate me for my injuries and damages.ATTACHED EXHIBITS After careful consideration of the issues involved in this claim, and a review of jury verdicts and insurance company settlements with similar fact patterns, I believe the amount of ,705.00 represents a fair and equitable settlement amount.In “soft tissue” injury claims such as the one depicted in this letter, it’s acceptable to use a multiple of anywhere from 3 to 5 times the medical bills.As he did, the right rear quarter panel of his 2012 Chevy Cruze slammed into the left front quarter panel of my Honda.The brutal force of impact propelled my Honda into the exit ramp’s concrete retaining wall.As you know from our previous discussions, I have been employed since 2008 as a sheet fitter with the CDP Company at 1256 Main Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85014.I was driving my 2010 Honda Accord north in the far right lane of the Maricopa Expressway.


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