Applied Critical Thinking

Applied Critical Thinking-25
Develop the skills you need to make the most of your time as a student.

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They will always seek to determine whether the ideas, arguments and findings represent the entire picture and are open to finding that they do not.

Critical thinkers will identify, analyse and solve problems systematically rather than by intuition or instinct.

It is about being an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information.

Critical thinkers rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them at face value.

On the other hand, the good news is that, since our critical thinking ability varies according to our current mindset, most of the time we can learn to improve our critical thinking ability by developing certain routine activities and applying them to all problems that present themselves.

Applied Critical Thinking

Once you understand the theory of critical thinking, improving your critical thinking skills takes persistence and practice.

Critical thinking is thinking about things in certain ways so as to arrive at the best possible solution in the circumstances that the thinker is aware of.

In more everyday language, it is a way of thinking about whatever is presently occupying your mind so that you come to the best possible conclusion.

Almost all decisions we make and implement don’t prove disastrous if we find reasons to abandon them.

However, our decision making will be infinitely better and more likely to lead to success if, when we reach a tentative conclusion, we pause and consider the impact on the people and activities around us.


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