Ascribed Status Essay

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Some of the achieved statuses are influenced by this factor of sex.

It is wrong to assume that the male-female division of statuses is mainly based on inherent traits of men and women.

These differences cannot be explained by the biological attributes as such.

In reality, the assignment of ‘female status’ to women is mainly due to her ‘child-bearing function’.

For this reason, female work is more uniform and localised than that of men.

In the modern complex societies the statuses assigned to women have changed greatly.

These may fit in with her tasks of child-bearing and child-rearing.

Very rarely women are assigned the tasks that take them away from their home for a long time, and those require heavy physical exertion, exposure to bodily injury and sheer physical strength.

Like sex, it is a definite and highly visible physiological fact.

Unlike sex, age cannot give rise to permanent lifetime statuses.


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