Assign Ip Address To Cisco Router

Assign Ip Address To Cisco Router-86
If a VLAN is specified in the static IP configuration, traffic from the MX will be sent out tagged with 802.1q for that VLAN.If the MX is not able to reach the default gateway on this static assignment, it will fall back to DHCP.

If a VLAN is specified in the static IP configuration, traffic from the MX will be sent out tagged with 802.1q for that VLAN.

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For routed RFC 1483, the service provider must provide you with a static IP address.

For bridged RFC 1483, you may use DHCP to obtain your IP address, or you may obtain a static IP address from your service provider.

Example 1-1 Cisco 851 Default Configuration on Startup You need to gather some or all of the following information, depending on your planned network scenario, prior to configuring your network •If you are setting up an Internet connection, gather the following information: – Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) client name that is assigned as your login name –PPP authentication type: Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) or Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) –PPP password to access your Internet service provider (ISP) account –DNS server IP address and default gateways •If you are setting up a connection to a corporate network, you and the network administrator must generate and share the following information for the WAN interfaces of the routers: –PPP authentication type: CHAP or PAP –PPP client name to access the router –PPP password to access the router •If you are setting up IP routing: –Generate the addressing scheme for your IP network.

–Determine the IP routing parameter information, including IP address, and ATM permanent virtual circuits (PVCs).

The Fast Ethernet LAN interfaces on your router are automatically configured as part of the default VLAN and as such, they are not configured with individual addresses. You may assign the interfaces to other VLANs if desired.

For more information about creating VLANs, see Chapter 5 "Configuring a LAN with DHCP and VLANs." The Cisco 851 and Cisco 871 routers each have one Fast Ethernet interface for WAN connection.

To configure the router, perform one or more of these tasks: •Configure Global Parameters •Configure Fast Ethernet LAN Interfaces •Configure WAN Interfaces •Configuring a Loopback Interface •Configuring Command-Line Access to the Router A configuration example is presented with each task to show the network configuration following completion of that task.

Perform these steps to configure selected global parameters for your router: For complete information on the global parameter commands, see the Cisco IOS Release 12.3 documentation set.

You do not need to input the commands marked "default." These commands appear automatically in the configuration file generated when you use the show running-config command.

Static routes provide fixed routing paths through the network. If the network topology changes, the static route must be updated with a new route.


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