Assign Ssl Certificate Iis 7

Assign Ssl Certificate Iis 7-17
Step 2: Click on “Server Name” then from the center menu, double click on the “Server Certificates” button in the “Security” section.Step 3: Select the “Actions” menu on the right and click on “Complete Cerfificate Request”.

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This label will have no bearing on the function of the certificate. If you do not see the "chain.cer" file then you may download the necessary certificate from the following URL: DOWNLOAD INTERMEDIATE/CHAIN FILE - This link will bring you to the "Download Root Certificates" page.

Select the type of certificate you obtained (Extended Validation, Organization Validation, or Domain Validation) and select the PEM format, and then click the "Download Intermediate Certificate" button.

Click "OK" The Secure Trust Digital Server certificate is now installed and your site is now configured to use said certificate.

Wildcard certificates allow securing multiple subdomains with a single certificate.

Step 6: From the “Connections” menu in the main IIS Manager, select the name of the server to which the certificate was installed.

Step 7: Under sites, then select the site to be secured with this SSL certificate.

In the lower-right area of the screen, you should see a button that reads "Install Certificate...".

Click that button to start the Certificate Import Wizard. Select the "Place all certificates in the following store" button. Select the "Intermediate Certification Authorities" option in the window that pops up.

VERY IMPORTANT: In the email you received from Secure Trust when your certificate was issued, there is a ZIP file.

Within that ZIP file there are two files that end in


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