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________________________________ Notary Public Now, as a result of passage of the America Invents Act (AIA) in 2012, the assignee (the person or company to whom the inventor assigned rights) can be listed as a the patent applicant (the “obligated assignee”).Although proof of the assignment is not required at the time of filing, the assignment document must be filed by the time that the issue fee is due for the application.

Assignor warrants that: (1) Assignor is the legal owner of all right, title and interest in the Invention; (2) that such rights have not been previously licensed, pledged, assigned, or encumbered; and (3) that this assignment does not infringe on the rights of any person.

Assignor agrees to cooperate with Assignee and to execute and deliver all papers, instruments, and assignments as may be necessary to vest all right, title, and interest in and to the intellectual property rights to the Invention in Assignor.

Deeds do not require the parties to provide consideration for the agreement, so a deed is useful if the agreement is very one-sided. Rajah also received an Honours Philosophy degree from the University of Waterloo, where he also took a significant course load in Mathematics and Computer Science.

A deed is also used if the laws of the jurisdiction require the contract to be in the form of a deed. – – – This article is provided for informational purposes only and does not create a lawyer-client relationship with the reader. Rajah worked for more than a decade in the information technology industry, including three years in software development and seven years as an Information Systems and Technology manager at both a major telecommunications company and at a financial services company.

____________ [insert name of person or company assigning rights] ("Assignor") is owner of U. Patent Number: ______, dated ______, titled ____________[insert name of invention], (the "Patent").

___________[insert name of person or company to whom rights will be assigned] ("Assignee") desires to acquire rights in and to the Patent.Typically those exclusive rights last for 20 years, and serve to prevent others in the marketplace from copying (or "infringing") that patented invention.Getting your patent probably took a good amount of time and money, and you don't want others to take advantage of that.WITNESS my hand and official seal in _____________ County of ______________ on the date set forth in this certificate.________________________________ Notary Public ___________ [insert name of person or company assigning rights] ("Assignor") is owner of _____________ [insert name of invention], as described in the U. Patent Application signed by Assignor on _____ [insert date you signed your patent application], U. Patent and Trademark office Serial Number: _____, filed ________ [insert filing date], (the "Patent Application").Still, there are times when you might want to license or otherwise assign your patent.Most commonly, you would do this for monetary reasons, giving another person or entity the ability to borrow or buy your patent in exchange for some amount of money or payment stream.Of course, you'd want to make sure the agreement is clearly set forth in writing.To help you with this, three sample patent assignment agreements are provided below.If you hold a patent, then you have certain exclusive rights over your particular invention, and those rights have economic value.By way of background, a patent is a form of intellectual property that gives inventors certain exclusive rights over their inventions.


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