Australia'S Involvement In The Vietnam War Essays

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As a literary genre, this body of work constructs a reactionary “lost cause” narrative similar to that which followed the U. Civil War and kept hope alive that a culture, a “way of life,” would survive the demise of the slave South as an economic form.One contributor to the Boyle and Lim volume is Viet Thanh Nguyen.But historians need to engage them more critically for their power to rewrite the historical record. The counter-poised ideas that Saigon was a freestanding and sovereign entity that had invited-in U. involvement, and that North Vietnam was, thereby, an invading national “other” that needed to be repelled, were discredited as fictions.

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The recent award of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature to him for his novel The Sympathizer, about the power of Vietnamese diasporic culture to gin counterrevolutionary fantasies of going back to retake Vietnam from the communists, leaves little doubt that lost causes don’t always stay lost.

For sociologists and anthropologists studies like these are valuable for what we learn from them about social memory and the power of representation.

The Vietnamese government banned the celebration this year because of the large number of Australian and New Zealander tourists anticipated, and their bad behavior during previous commemorative events. (Last-minute negotiations have resolved some of the disagreements and a “limited” form of the event will take place.) Readers interested in the Long Tan story can delve more deeply into the cultural and historical issues at play in struggles like it in a spate of recent books on what scholars are calling “transnational” commemorations of the war.

Most apropos of the Long Tan story is Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen’s 2014 edited volume New Perceptions of the Vietnam War: Essays on the War, the South Vietnamese Experience, the Diaspora, and the Impact.

In the land divisions that followed the end of World War II the Allies had agreed that an undivided post-war Korea would be placed under four-power multinational trusteeship, which included Britain, the US, the Soviet Union and China.

Australia'S Involvement In The Vietnam War Essays

This agreement was later modified to become a joint Soviet-American occupation that saw Korea occupied by the Soviets from the north and the Americans from the south, divided at the 38th Parallel.Fiftieth anniversaries of dates important to the war in the American war Vietnam are renewing interest in the war, and generating new studies and controversies over how the war should be remembered.President Barak Obama’s Memorial Day announcement in 2012 of a million allocation for a thirteen-year series of 50th year anniversary activities dedicated to the war was followed by objections that Pentagon control of funding might result in biasing the historical record.As per the themes developed by Kwon, Schwenkel documents the way spiritual tones of traditional practices have been incorporated into the secular and political forms in order to diminish the tension between popular and statist sentiments.Especially poignant is her documentation of the ways U. commemorative practices are penetrating Vietnam’s own. As does Scott Laderman for his 2009 book Tours of Vietnam: War, Travel Guides, and Memory, she locates the source of that transnational contamination in Vietnamese marketing of war commemoration to erstwhile enemy-veterans—a factor, one would imagine, in the dynamic of the Long Tan affair.By 1949, two new states had formed on the Korean peninsula.In the south, the anti-communist dictator Syngman Rhee (1875-1965) had the reluctant support of the American government, while in the north, the communist dictator Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) appeared to have the support of the Soviets.Jerry Lembcke is professor emeritus of sociology at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.For a lengthier reading list on Vietnam War memory and commemoration see his bibliographic essay in the June, 1016 issue of Choice.As with the title of Nguyen’s book, many of the commemoration studies are framed by the diaspora experience of former residents of South Vietnam who were partisans of the Saigon government.Looking Back on the Vietnam War, a 2016 collection edited by English professors Brenda Boyle and Jeehyun Lim, contains chapter-length examples of these studies.


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