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For instance her chest is calculated to be 36 inches, with an 18 inch waist and hips measuring 33 inches.These dimensions would give her an average weight of 110 lbs, the perfect human size beauty (Winterman n.pagn).This would make Barbie Doll the utmost symbol of perfect physical beauty.

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Using this scale, this makes her human size to be 5 feet 9 inches, the perfect height for an ideal woman.

Additionally, the same scale reveals that the human size Barbie doll would have the perfect combination of body measurement.

After years of improvements on the appearance of Barbie doll, Barbie’s Doll’s manufacturer Mattel Inc.

introduced the talking doll branded Teen Talk Barbie.

Indeed, Barbie Doll can be interpreted in many ways.

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However, there exists sufficient evidence to prove that she promotes an unrealistic idea of an ideal feminine body image and the ideal lifestyle.These include the fact that Barbie either reminded them of their childhood that they no longer felt part of, or because Barbie was symbolic of the sexualized adult female like their mother (Talbot n.pagn).Most girls do not want to have a toy that resembles their mother.Studies done at Helsinki University Central Hospital take Barbie Doll’s actual measurements and calculate her actual human size using the scale of 1:6.Barbie Doll’s actual height is taken to be 11.5 inches.Additionally, studies conducted by feminist researchers reveal that playing with Barbie Doll during childhood does not make one adopt pop, consumer and material cultures as claimed by many scholars.To give evidence of this, feminist scholars interviewed women about their earlier association with Barbie.This usually has devastating health effects such as bulimia anorexia.While Barbie’s physical attributes promotes an impossible-to-attain physical appearance, Barbie’s talk advances the concept of a carefree fun-filled lifestyle, since her dialogue is laced with references to partying, shopping and holidays.Additionally, the fact that Barbie’s career life ventured into piloting, medicine, entrepreneurship acts as motivation to women to explore careers previously thought as masculine.In this case Barbie liberates women (Reid-Walsh and Mitchell 175).


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