Being Rich Is A State Of Mind Essay

Harv Eker makes it clear that we live in a world of cause and effect. We definitely should offer that value to as many people as possible! It is your DUTY to offer it to as many people as possible. Many, many people need what you have to offer – offer it to them and get paid proportionally.

It wasn’t until I changed my behaviour (mainly different sitting positions, more sleep, magnesium supplements and less stress) that my muscle tensions would weaken. The primary sources of this programming include mainly our parents and siblings, but also friends, teachers or media, to name only a few.

Being rich has nothing to do with being lucky, acting mean or morally wrong, being a bully, using people, or whatever. To put it clearly, when you resent the success of others, you’re not going to get any… If your goal is to be rich, then study rich people. Associate with people who have achieved what you want to achieve. What if your closest friends aren’t rich, aren’t positive and aren’t interested in personal growth? Harv Eker has two tips for you: Don’t bother trying to get negative people to change or come to the course. If you believe that what you have to offer can truly assist people, it’s you DUTY to let as many people as possible know about it!

Rich people are rich because they have the character it needs to get rich. Why would you resent someone when you’d secretly want to be like that person? The easiest way of studying them is being near them. If you want to be a great actor, then model great actors! If they’re complaining, chances are high that you complain too. How can you become rich if you don’t let people know about what you have to offer? How are you going to sell your product if nobody knows about it? And if you don’t sell, you don’t earn a darn thing!

And that’s what the book is about: How can we rescript our money blueprint? We are conditioned in three primary ways: Your money blueprint will determine your financial life – and even your personal life.

And again, you can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but if your “blueprint” isn’t set for success, you’re financially doomed." is the first step of change. You thought about how you grew up around money and hopefully became aware of the fact that you’ve been conditioned in a certain way. By the way, the author makes it clear that he does not mean to degrade poor people. If you feel like “Life just happens to me, I can’t do anything about it”, then how are you going to change? I can tell you, you live the life of absolutely no purpose. It is a state of mind where the individual feels that “life is good”. The saying, “10 percent is what happens to us and 90 percent is how we react with it” is one of my favorite.As Aristotle says, “happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” I believe that everyone wants to be happy in life. Happiness is something that must be practice according to John Lubbock. I know happiness will come deep within us if only we set our minds on it. I may not be able to control what will happen to me, but surely, I always have the power over my emotions.I could promote happiness to others by means of always smiling to them. I always felt better afterwards, but the muscles would tense again and again. Harv Eker advises us that our goal should be to become a millionaire and more! My point is that if you only treat the symptoms, you’ll always fall back. To effectively change your results, symptoms or your overall life (your outer world), you first need to change yourself, your character and what you do (your inner world). In short, our life is a reflection of our thoughts, which again come as a result of how we have been programmed. Look at our culture: How could we survive without the knowledge of our ancestors? And that’s what so many people strive for: “I just want enough to pay the bills.” • “I just want to live a moderate life and go on vacation once a year.” • “I just want my steady income and make ends meet.”Well, if that’s what you want, that’s what you get. So, if you had a lack of money, and I gave you some, sooner or later you would end up again with a lack of money. We’re born into a world of culture and structure; how could we survive without the knowledge we’re given from our parents? Before you build the house, you make an exact plan of what you want to build. Now, and this is important, we all have a blueprint for money, our money blueprint – a preset plan (! The author states that poor people play the role of the victim. You may have enough to pay the bills, but guess what? Now, you need to what effects this conditioning had and still has on your financial life. He does not think that rich people are You have to believe that you are the one who creates your success, that you are the one who creates your mediocrity, and that you are the one creating your struggle around money and success. Completely unconsciously and meaningless…That’s definitely NOT how you want to live. If you don’t think “I create my life”, then you can’t change anything… It’s only through the understanding of what your conditioned mind does to you, that you can become able and willing to change. YOU know that you have been conditioned in a certain way and that this lies at the roots of your financial life. In the following second part you’ll learn , seventeen ways rich people think and act differently to poor people. When you resent someone for having a Mercedes, you’re not going to have one. So, why would you resent someone who actually worked a lot for his or her success? When you resent your friend for having a girlfriend, you’re not going to get one.


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