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The Iranian regime has bombed and assassinated countless innocents abroad, including former Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar, and it continues to plot foreign assassinations and torture activists in Iranian prisons to death.

The Iranian regime has bombed and assassinated countless innocents abroad, including former Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar, and it continues to plot foreign assassinations and torture activists in Iranian prisons to death.

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The irony of US educated Iranians rising up not only against a Shah that gave them scholarships to study abroad but also against “The Great Satan” that had welcomed them into its liberal and democratic society may be lost on American progressives.

But it stands in bold relief for a generation of young Iranian liberals who reject a revolution predicated on hatred for America and the West, Israel, modernity, and a free, pluralist conception of the Iranian nation with ancient roots in the egalitarian, secular rule of Cyrus the Great and his declaration of human rights.

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Even before they had managed to unseat the Shah, Iranian revolutionaries—a coalition of leftists and Islamists that ultimately galvanized the masses behind the radical cleric Ayatollah Khomeini—had captured the world’s attention.

Ordinary Americans still share memories of Iranian students demonstrating on American college campuses.

If Brits rushed to get Irish and EU passports after Brexit, Iranians seeking asylum abroad is just a similar survival tactic in the light of destructive policy of economic strangulation of Iran in the form of sanctions for 40 years.

— Saeed Kamali Dehghan (@Saeed KD) December 31, 2018 Minding the red lines keeps these journalists’ visas and prestigious beats safe from regime interference and disincentivises criticism.

Even prominent regime insiders are now openly proclaiming the emptiness of the regime’s authority, with critiques resembling late analysis from the Soviet as it was confronted by cascading legitimacy crises manifested by the primordial contradictions of an ideological state.

When the Iranian people rose up against an authoritarian dictator four decades ago, they were rewarded with one of the most politically ruthless and socially backward totalitarian regimes the world has known.


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