Brave New World Science Essay

Brave New World Science Essay-85
The union of a man and woman in the procreation of a baby has become outdated.Now, babies are genetically engineered in mass through the Bokanovsky Process.

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Genetic engineering is one of the most evident technological impacters on this new society.

All of the babies are born with no mother and father at a hatchery.

Using this process, "social stability" is affected.

That is, people are designed to be a certain way, and then they are conditioned by such techniques as hypnopaedia (sleep teaching).

Thus it is important that we distinguish between science as a procedure, philosophy and academic domain, and technology, as an application of science to human needs and desires.

Most of the things we critique in Brave New World are technologies.

At this hatchery their future was predetermined as their intelligence was programmed depending upon their future roles; those destined to the lower classes are given less oxygen circulation so that they are kept below par.

In many cases during the early periods of development the egg was divided and divided until there were up to ninety-six of the same person.

The only means of achieving happiness is control; thus this society controls all things, in order to ensure happiness, and does so in whatever ways will serve it best, such as by eliminating art.

Science is no more or less helpful than anything else, and is surely dangerous if left "pure" as Mond suggests.


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