Business Plan For Music Production Company

But an exclusive license can only be sold to one person.

When you create a beat and upload it to your beat store, people can (instantly) buy these non-exclusive licenses.

There’s only one exclusive license, but you can offer and sell different non-exclusive licenses. More user rights and better quality audio files equal higher license prices.

For example, a Basic, Premium and Unlimited license. You can sell non-exclusive licenses to an unlimited amount of artists.

Even if you decide to buy a “You Tube promo” and get a 1,000 views.

Those views never come from people who have interest in buying your beats.A general rule of thumb is: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This guide won’t take you from zero to ,000, overnight.You can start an online beat selling business, on your own, just like hundreds of other producers. You have to be willing to get up every day, create new music and be consistent with your online presence. Instead, it will show you the first steps to building a business that has the potential to scale towards a 6-figure income. Lucky for us, it has become a lot easier these days. Then I had to manually email that customer all the audio files.If you know the person who was the first, please let me know in the comments below.I’ll be sending that guy/girl some flowers, a postcard and a box of Hennessy!I won’t be telling you BS stories like: “How to make 5-figures a month, using ‘Because there is non.Instead, I will pull back the curtains behind my business.This also proves that artists are willing to pay serious money for beats these days.I ran the numbers to see how much revenue the beat selling market generates.


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