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Some creative organisations in the arts area for example may reject anything that seems excessively formal, rationalistic, or bureaucratic in nature.Selecting you strategic planning framework needs to take these things into account. It may be true that no single formal strategic planning model will suit all organisations in all circumstances.

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Attitudes to 'planfulness'Some organizations by tradition or by management style, or the kind of people employed in them have different attitudes to being involved in formal planning processes.

Academic institutions have issues over status of the persons involved in planning and decision making that may not correspond to the managerial accountability hierarchy in the administrative area of the organization, and this may set up a need for separate lines of data analysis and decision making, as well a structuring clear opportunities for different groups to be involved in debating the issues to be addressed.

This is because of the usual insistence on having multiple objectives, and including scope for a multiplicity of stakeholders or interest groups.

In this case a structured planning model can be very useful.

When a company is going bust, the focus should be on immediate rescue or winding up processes, not long range performance improvement through strategic planning.

Any organization run by an autocrat would be wasting everyone's time by engaging on elaborate participative processes.

Various planning models have evolved over the years to suit the needs and cultures of various types of organisations, management styles, and the state of understanding of the strategic dynamics of the particular organisation in its environment.

A number of useful strategic planning models or approaches have developed to suit different organizational contexts and management styles.

When a brief major upheaval is in prospect, then the quality of attention needed for strategic planning may be in short supply, and should be deferred.

Stage of development of the organization Where an organizational is in its life cycle may be important in the choice of strategic planning.


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