Capital Punishment Argument Essay

The death penalty is murder on the sly and it’s dead wrong.Oh, so if they're so reasonable as to say "I'm so sorry, I'll never do that again", why did they do it in the first place?

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Nothing good comes of hate, and nothing good can ever come from capital punishment.

It cannot continue to be accepted by a nation that claims to have liberty and justice for all.

Capital punishment is the most ­irreparable crime governments perpetrate without consequence, and it must be abolished.

“We’re only ­human, we all make mistakes,” is a commonly used phrase, but it is tried and true.

In 2006, the FBI Uniform Crime Report revealed that the area of the U. that was responsible for the most executions (the South with 80 percent) also had the highest murder rate, whereas the Northern areas that had the fewest ­executions (less than one percent), had the lowest murder rates.

It can be said that the death penalty is the most overlooked form of government hypocrisy; we murder people who murder people to show that murder is wrong.

Humans are not cold metal coins that lose value; no act, no matter how heinous, can make a person less of a human being.

However, for most it is easy to ­forget that each of the 1,099 executed since 1977 are fellow humans, not just numbers. must join its political ­allies – including Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South Africa, and most of Latin America – that have abolished the death penalty.

However, when a life is at stake, error is not an option. As a nation, we have prided ourselves in our government, its justice and truth.

However, can we continue to call our government fair if we do not hold it to the same rules we do its people?


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