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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the 10th standard board exam in the month of March, 2020.

Students can practice Class 10 CBSE sample paper which is released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

What was the condition of women in 19 century in London?

How was Houssmanisation of Paris both a bane or a boon?

Which historical processes have shaped the growth of modern city?

Why some people were worried about poor living condition? What measures were taken for cleaning London and making it more hygiene? What were the features of industrialization or pace of industrial change in England? Why could steam power (machines) not displace hand labour in England? How did British East India Company secure goods for export in India? What were the peculiarities of Industrialization in India? How did manufactures create market for their goods? How was the idea of Swaraj different for different community? How did culture help to shape nationalism in India? This is good information about CBSE 10th Board Syllabus for those students who are going to appear in Exam in 2020. CBSE is going to divide mathematics in two Categories —- Mathematics – Standard or Mathematics – Basic. Here find Physics, chemistry and biology Notes, assignments, concept maps and lots of study material for easy learning and understanding.We have lots of study material written in easy language that is easy to follow.Students who are preparing for their Class 10 CBSE Board Exam 2020 should be well aware of the exam pattern and the marking scheme of CBSE.Here are the main features of Marking Scheme and Exam Pattern for Class 10 CBSE Science Paper that can help students prepare for their examination.


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