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These observations will be limited only to behaviours manifested at school, and thus cannot capture the child’s actuations at home and in other areas aside from the school setting.To ensure the validity and reliability of results, care must be taken so that observation will take place in the most natural setting, and the subjects are unaware that their behaviours are being monitored.

The observation was conducted in the hopes of detecting any Portfolio of Child Observations | 3 developmental delays in the child, and come up with possible solutions in the event that some delays are noted.

In particular, the study focused on three domains: cognitive, affective, and physical.

It can be used to perform initial exploration of an area which can then be further studied using more focused methods.

It is also useful in the end stages of a study as a means of checking information collected in a different way (Sapsford & Jupp 2006, p.

Bibliography Overall: mention why is it important to observe young children, what might the information be used for?

What rights does the child have when being observed.

As such, standard forms of assessments have not been normally used for this age level. 24) Things changed in the late 1980’s when the Education Reform Act was ratified.

Under this act, assessment became mandatory for children finishing ending pre-school or early childhood grades before they formally enter elementary.

58) Observations can provide information on the behaviour of young learners as they go about their daily tasks inside the classroom.

Teachers should pay special attention to details and note any unconscious behaviour which may indicate learning or signs that point towards readiness for learning or lack thereof. 5) Given the advantages of observation in assessing young learners, this paper will conduct an actual observation of a young learner, detect any problems, and log all the insights and realizations that the observation has made resulted in.


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