Compare And Contrast Essay On Odyssey

That is how it takes place in the epic poem anyway.

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Some even have a theory that "The Odyssey" is the sequel to "The Iliad".

Unlike many sequels in the present era, "The Odyssey" actually seems to be an improvement in some respects on the original, and stands quite well as an independent work.

How does Homer portray the idea of continuity between generations?

, think about the techniques Homer uses to portray the magical and fantastical aspects of Odysseus’s adventures.

However, in the film, Ulysseus angrily approached Penny and demanded why she would ever lie to their children about his death.

"The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" are two of the earliest, surviving forms of European and Western literature.Also, Odysseus, in the poem, was disguised as a beggar, and his wife Penelope, had no idea who he really was.She tells him of the whole in her heart ever since her love disappeared, and he knowingly reassured her that her love would return.Although these two stories do seem very similar as far as characters and events I personally think there are more differences between the two.In "The Iliad", the gods are portrayed as pretty deceptive, temperamental, and backstabbing.Even though Athena was Odysseus staunchest supporter, she did not try to retaliate against Poseidon when he made Odysseus' journey harder and even longer. Grant Gordon Honors English 9 February 20th 2013 Hero’s Journey: The Timeless Theme Is there anything in this world worth dying for?Is it worth it to risk everything over and over again for something that may never even be reached?This question is an essential part of The Hero’s Journey and has been tried and tested in both Homer’s The Odyssey and 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Being able to see the similarities between these stories is imperative to better understand the role of the Hero’s Journey.Also, in the poem, Odysseus was in his hometown while he saw his wife for the first time after all of those years.So was the place that Ulysseus was reunited with Penny in the film.


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