Computer Science Thesis Project

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This is due to the fact that several persons are involved in finding a reviewer.

A strong recommendation is therefore to look for a reviewer on your own. If you look up a reviewer on your own, please make sure to bring or send the specification to that teacher, so that he or she can decide on your proposal.

La Te X is widely used as the typesetting system for research papers in computer science.

Hence, we expect that project and thesis reports are written in La Te X.

In the middle of the project, you are to meet your thesis reviewer for a mid-course check-up.

During the check-up, you are expected to present your project, available results and plans for the rest of the project.Be sure to do this well before you actually start the thesis project, you are not required to have any project assigned to attend these meetings.Please notice that the compulsory start-up meeting IS NOT the same thing as the start of your thesis project.The purpose of the mid-course check-up is both to review your progress and to give you practice in presenting your work as preparation for the final presentation.It is important that you give a well prepared presentation where you describe and motivate your project in detail, starting with the basics.At this meeting, you learn about how to find thesis projects, how you get it registered, the requirements for starting, the requirements for approvment, the supervision and reviewing of your thesis project and report, etc.You must show up at one of the compulsory start-up meetings (see below) before starting your thesis project.You must also submit the documents both electronically and physically.If we do not receive physical and electronic versions of the forms the entire process will be slowed down or we might not even register you as we are not fully aware of your application.Information about what is expected on the meeting can be found here.Related document describing the layout of the report can be found here.


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