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A well-designed framework can communicate both simple and complex ideas without overwhelming the reader.While there are many widely used frameworks that have stood the test of time, every project has unique raw materials that can lead to something new.

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But typically it’s the wrong framework because we’re not analyzing a complete jobs to be done analysis but instead we’re analyzing a specific user need or a functional UX. And, by the way, if you’re using an off-the-shelf framework like JTBD then you’re missing the chance to name your own framework.

This dramatically reduces the influence you can have within an organization.

And it’s only recently that I really began to understand why existing generic frameworks like “jobs to be done” don’t meet my needs. And for extra impact get good at naming them and embedding them in processes to achieve the outcomes they want.

I’m going to try and walk through what this all means, show four case studies from my consulting work and end on some ways you can practice making frameworks.

First, let’s lay the groundwork and set some definitions - in particular let’s try and differentiate between the concept of a “model” and a “framework”.

The dictionary defines a framework as: a system of rules, ideas, or beliefs that is used to plan or decide something This is close to what we need - but doesn’t quite capture the notion of abstraction that I think is key for our uses.

Frameworks that tease the wrong insight are what I call “un-true” frameworks and they’re another story…

Un-true frameworks are things that sound nice but simply aren’t saying the right thing Remember that by definition every framework is leaky.

Let’s re-state as: Frameworks are usually scale invariant. they abstract a system to its core relations, categories and interactions.

Then, we can think of a model as a framework that allows for calculation with inputs and outputs: I realize this is slightly hard to parse and in fact there are so many different uses for the words framework and model. They help us make sense of situations But frameworks are more than mere representations.


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