Contracts Essay Questions

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He approaches Lucy, the manager of LAL, and asks her if she would sell him the sports car for £15,000.

Lucy informs him that she will be able to reduce the price to £15,000 as long as Ferdinand agrees to the fact that LAL will not be liable in the event that the car is defective.

After a heated exchange, he leaves LAL’s premises and is now seeking legal advice.

Please advise Ferdinand as to his rights against LAL.

As Mary cannot get through to Joshua, she leaves a message on his voicemail.

On Wednesday, Charles also sees the advert and immediately telephones Joshua.When she receives her pay packet she notices that she has not been paid the extra £50.She complains to her line manager who tells her that she will not be paid the extra money. Answer guidance Ferdinand decides that he is going to purchase a new car and visits Lucy’s Automobiles Ltd (LAL). He sees a shiny red sports car that he likes and is upset to see that it costs £18,000. He has had a delivery of rare wines and so decides to place an advert in Monday's edition of the ‘Wine Lovers’ Digest’, stating that he has 10 bottles of Chateau Rouge 1978 for £156 a bottle.On Tuesday, Mary sees the advert and immediately telephones Joshua to inform him that she wishes to purchase all 10 bottles for the price stated.Two weeks after taking delivery of the sports car, Ferdinand notices that the steering is defective, which makes the sports car difficult to drive.He takes the car back to LAL and demands a full refund.Sonya is employed as a technician and she oversees production.Midland Enterprises Ltd have a large number of orders from customers which they need to meet otherwise they will be in breach of contract.Sonya is feeling the pressure of meeting the deadline and is annoyed that there is such a large volume of work.She approaches her line manager and asks for additional pay in lieu of the increase in orders.


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