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Physics 1116 is not available to visit on April 26.

Freshmen Interested in Majoring in Physics Incoming freshmen interested in majoring in physics should attend our Orientation for Prospective Physics Majors time TBA.

Students are welcome to pursue a physics major concurrently with another major; either in the college of Arts and Sciences or in another college through the concurrent degree option.

Any course used to satisfy a requirement of another major may be used in satisfaction of physics major requirements only if the student’s concentration is within physics.

Completion of one of the 3-course Introductory Sequences (including special relativity, either in 1116 or 2216) 2. An intermediate physics lab course, chosen from PHYS 3310, 3360, 4410, AEP 2640, BEE 4500, or ASTRO 4410. One additional 3000 level PHYS course of at least 3 credits.

*Students with credit for another quantum mechanics class (such as AEP 3610, CHEM 2870-2880 or ECE 4060) may substitute a different 3000 level physics course for PHYS 3316.To apply to the Physics Minor, fill out the Minor Application and bring it with you when meeting with the DUS (check for DUS office hours online), or stop by 117 Clark Hall and pick up the minor form or email [email protected] a copy, and then visit the Director of Undergraduate Studies during office hours or contact [email protected] schedule an appointment.Admission to the minor requires: i) An average of B- or better in two of the introductory physics courses Requirements for the Minor To earn a minor in physics, a student must complete the following requirements, with a minimum grade of C-: 1.2) Choose one or two possible physics major advisors.If students do not have any preferences, a major advisor will be assigned to them by the DUS.Students in the College of Arts & Sciences do not declare a major until their sophomore year.Nevertheless, students can indicate their interest in majoring in physics on their application for admission to Cornell University.Information on applying to Cornell can be found at the College of Arts and Science and the main Cornell Admissions site.Click the Cornell Days Physics 2019 schedule for classes you can sit in on, faculty office hours, and informational sessions conducted by our Society of Physics Students.Each year the Department of Physics gives five awards to outstanding undergraduate students: The Yennie Prize An award to the outstanding senior student majoring in Physics who shows unusual promise for future contributions to physics research, and who intends to earn the doctorate.Professor Yennie was a long-time member of the Cornell Physics faculty, internationally known for his work in theoretical physics, especially in quantum electrodynamics.


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