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Suggests 3 strategies to improve the sociology teacher's capacity to assess critical thinking: a survey of existing instructors, development of analytic tools to assess existing test items, and teacher-developed evaluation materials. "Helping Students Read Difficult Texts." Engaging Ideas: . Reading difficulties may stem from a variety of causes--ten are listed here--and understanding the causes can help instructors devise strategies to help students read more effectively. Claims that teaching writing is teaching critical thinking. Then outlines efforts to define, assess, and teach/strengthen critical thinking at several colleges and universities. A better program would integrate the application of critical thinking skills into the learning of content. Describes how it is determined what stage a person is in, and summarizes research on the model, specifically research relating age and educational level to stage. "A Nudge is Best: Helping Students through the Perry Scheme of Intellectual Development." 42.4 (1994): 151-158.

Then discusses why one should bother with critical thinking, bemoans the lack of it in American students, and discusses how to increase or decrease it in students. "Learning Sociology and Assessing Critical Thinking" . Reviews works of philosophers, educators, and sociologists who have examined critical thinking as central to the learning process. Instructors often note that poor reading and poor writing are interlinked. Discusses several standardized tests to assess critical thinking. As a result, critical thinking programs are often unsuccessful. Relates reflective judgment to Piaget's formal operations.

I-Search emphasizes interpretation over regurgitation of findings.

The article also includes some sample prewriting exercises and journal prompts to use with students. "The Perry Framework and Tactics for Teaching Critical Thinking in Economics." 42 (1993): 128-136.

Socratic discussions, outlines, and the five Ws are discussed, along with rhetorical modes.

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Self-cuing is another important part of this type of tutorial, especially LD students. "Writing Across the Curriculum and Critical Thinking Skills in Nursing 414." . Describes three assignments used to develop critical thinking skills in a course entitled, "Applying Neuroscience Nursing Principles to Practice." "Development of a Concept" requires students to use journals to develop a historical review of the evolution of a neuroscience nursing concept. Although most people recognize the need for critical thinking skills, the teaching of those skills is often divorced from content. Describes a 7-stage model of the development of reflective judgment.Each successive skill requires repeating and reinforcing the earlier skills. "The Reflective Judgment Model: Transforming Assumptions about Knowing." . Describes a 7-stage model of the development of reflective thinking ability. Presents assessment of the program, including data on improvement in students' critical thinking skills pretest/posttest. "Critical Thinking and Collaborative Learning." 59 (Fall 1994): 45-58. A basic overview of the Perry scheme of intellectual development of college students.In this era of so called 'alternative facts' it has never been more important to question our sources of information.Critical thinking involves looking beyond the obvious surface issues, asking questions about motivation and purpose.Part of a series of handouts designed for workshops.Go to Indiana University Campus Writing Program Library Directory at Indiana University.Presentation by Craig Nelson on the Perry scale, critical thinking in science and how to foster it, and how to use small group discussion fruitfully. Fostering Critical Thinking and Mature Valuing Across the Curriculum: Comments & Conversation" Work in progress. Smith includes two different sequences of assignments--one from his Shakespeare course and the other from a journalism course--designed to enable students to grasp important concepts and become prepared for later, more difficult work. "Encouraging Critical Thinking: A Strategy of Commenting on College Papers." 41 (October 1990): 332-335.This document is an outline of a workshop presented at Indiana University Bloomington. Suggests types of comments that can be made on student papers to encourage critical thinking: a support response and a challenge response. "Connecting Writing and Research through the I-Search Paper: A Teaching Partnership between the Library Program and Classroom." 23.1 (September 1995): 20-23.Offers strategies for nudging student development within the Perry scheme of intellectual development.The underlying principles for these strategies rest in Craig Nelson's work on transitioning between different modes of thinking. "Beyond Fixing Today's Paper: Promoting Metacognition and Writing Development in the Tutorial through Self-Questioning." 23.6 (1999): 1-6.


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