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It's so much easier to write down your solutions than type them, and studies show that you do learn more by handwriting rather than typing.

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I was confident that she was ready start the pre-algebra material from The Critical Thinking Co.™.

The Understanding Pre-Algebra book is a hefty softcover book (442 pages) that combines instructional materials and practice problems in one volume. Each chapter has a chapter review exercise that could be used as a test, and the book includes a final examination covering all the material presented in the book.

One of the highlights of the book is the highlights--the book is filled with colored boxes of text emphasizing new concepts, tips, or reminders.

And some of the tips are really fun, like the Cowboy Story below.

Answers are provided in the back of the book, sometimes with a brief explanation but the problems generally aren't worked out. In addition to be a comprehensive look at pre-algebra topics, this book requires the student to think through the concepts.

For instance, in one of Lauren's first lessons, she was reviewing important divisibility rules.Math hasn't been going down easy lately here at the HP Academy, so it was a pleasure to have the girls eager to work on this book."I like the tips for remembering stuff," says Raine.It was a bit difficult choosing which book to review, since we wanted them all, but in the end we asked for Understanding Pre-Algebra because I had already ordered the Critical Thinking Detective books, and I wanted to check if their Math books were as engaging as their Editor-in-Chief and Word Roots books, which we love.Raine was pleased that her Pre-Algebra book came in color. One of her Math gripes was that her upper level Math books were bland and monochromatic, compared to Breeze's.Our Understanding Pre-Algebra came as an ebook, but rather than a plain PDF, it comes with its own app, which is licensed to one user.You can't open the ebook without the app (which is similar to Adobe).In terms of math skills, she can confidently do calculations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.As we continue in her regular math program, she would be starting pre-algebra in the fall.You can only install the app on two devices, if I understand correctly, and the ebook is digitally coded.As with Adobe, you can markup the book using the app tools, which can come in handy when explaining or studying. There is an option, however, to print out the pages, and that's what we did.


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