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Nevertheless, the discussion remained, books were sold in some 40 languages, and so Hollywood couldn’t resist making the movie from a novel everyone read and thus knew the twist ending too.However meaningless this decision might’ve been, the result couldn’t be more disappointing.The book and movie take admitted liberties with history, but they also have some truth to them.

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Professor of Symbology Robert Langdon (Hanks) is called to the Louvre where colleague Jacques Saunière (Jean-Pierre Marielle) was murdered by gunshot; but before he died, Saunière left a series of clues to finding his killer.

As the title suggests, these clues are hidden among the museum’s various works by Renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci, including the way Saunière’s corpse resembles the position of Da Vinci’s Hard-headed police investigator Fache (Jean Reno) suspects Langdon is involved, but Saunière’s granddaughter and police cryptographer Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tatou) trusts Langdon and helps him uncover both the mystery of Saunière’s murderer and one of history’s great covered-ups by the Catholic church.

His ingenious concepts in many subjects and technological inventions were so advanced for the 14th to 1 5th century technology that even some 20th-century inventors, like he Wright brothers, pulled from his work.

There have been a lot of theories on Dad Vine’s life and on his paintings and it is believed that “Last Supper” contained hidden messages, which Dad Vinci encoded in the painting himself.

First, there is a level of mystery surrounding its creator, Leonardo Dad Vinci.

Not only was Dad Vinci an influential painter, he was also an engineer, sculptor, designer, and scientist.

Dan Brown’s novel sold some 60 million copies because its breakneck pace and audacious ideas were easily accessible in a familiar formula for pulpy fiction.

And with the amount of discussion generated by the book, the merely so-so writing abilities of its author were conveniently overlooked by readers.

And those ideas are very clever, at once intriguing and controversial enough to send audiences racing into their local library, or at least Wikipedia, to find out the real story.

Unfortunately, the movie’s ideas mask any semblance of character development or believable narrative, as the ideas don’t have the time or room to allow for such things within the script—they’re too busy being fascinating.


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