Daily Homework Assignment Sheet

Daily Homework Assignment Sheet-20
Along the top of each sheet there is space to record the week’s date as well.There are also two clip art styles to choose from – one using rainbow washi tape or a fun rainbow sneaker design.

There are sheets for adults, kiddos using practice award systems, recreational classes, specific goal-setting for older students, and more.

Most are 1-page but there might be a 2-pager thrown in there.

At the end of each day (or week depending on his focus), we review what was accomplished and make adjustments as needed for the following days.

And if you are looking for some colorful (and erasable pens) – grab a pack of these (aff link). Each sheet has room to track 11 subjects for five days as well as a space for recording personal goals for the week.

Research suggests students should get about 10 minutes of homework each night for each grade (10 minutes for 1st grade, 20 for 2nd, and so on).

Adjust upward a bit if assignments are mostly reading or your students come from families with strong educational orientations. Consider the time and skill resources of parents when requiring their involvement.

” This resource page is full of assignments sheets of all kinds.

Some are my takes on assignment sheets I’ve seen over the years and others are completely original.

For those of you that would like to save a little time, there is also an editable version for the subject area.

When the file is opened, simply type the subject area names in the blue squares and then print.


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