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Of all the communication media available today, television, radio and books are the most important and effective ones.These are also the most commonly used media in the world today and they are responsible for binding the world together.

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Television, or TV for short, is an electronic device that enables us to see and listen at the same time to an act that has been recorded. News on a TV enables us to view the current events occurring in different parts of the world.

Video of an event can be telecasted live as it happens through remote satellite links.

Books are the witness of history and the main source from which we gain knowledge. Government and politically biased organisations often send negative and misleading news.

From a very ancient period till now, books have been working as the light-house for our society. Again young people watch different satellite channels and try to adopt the alien culture which is really harmful for the culture and tradition of a country.

Comics, books, radios, televisions, film and theatre are all very powerful media for communicating information. Program representatives also broadcast the people's view and opinions about different controversial issues in TV programs.

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In my opinion books, televisions and film among those aforementioned six media are most effective. However, this medium has lots of demerits and bad impacts.

A book is typically identified by a title and an author, and optionally an ISBN number which identifies a book uniquely.

A book usually contains a material on a given topic, divided by sub-topics in form of chapters.

In our childhood, we gather most of our knowledge and skills from books. The writer writes down their experiences, imaginations, knowledge, explanation etc. Books are the long-lasting protocol to make a bridge among writers and readers. Films are an audio-visual representation and can catch the attention of people from different geographical locations, races and cultures.

A good film can shape someone's morality and doctrine and the film-makers with their huge amount of money, are so careful to make their films realistic and eye-absorbing.


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