Descriptive Essay About Your Favorite Place

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Unlike argumentative essays, you’re not required to add the responses of others; instead, describe a place, person, situation, an object, or emotion, etc. The key is to make use of sensory details: smells, sights, sounds, touches and tastes to enable the reader to form a picture of what the writer is trying to describe. Using the right vocabulary, adjectives and adverbs, sensory details, and figurative language is fundamental to a compelling descriptive essay.The purpose of a descriptive essay is simple: describe a person, place, thing, or event in a heavily detailed manner to form an exact picture or deliver a specific impression in the reader's mind.

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How are descriptive essays different from other essay types?

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It’s not for nothing New Orleans is called the “most unique city in the United States.” No doubt the city has it all – beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine, notorious night life, historic atmosphere, numerous festivals and its music of course.

Famous French Quarter, numerous boutiques, stylish hotels, gardens and parks, theaters, restaurants and bars are all parts of New Orleans.

In the last several years I have traveled more than ever before in my life, with friends and on my own, to remote locations and near-by towns. What if one day I will fall in love with Hong Kong, London, Tel Aviv or Rome?

Descriptive Essay About Your Favorite Place

I enjoyed the urban spirit of New York, historical atmosphere of Boston, night life of LA, smell of the ocean in Miami and wilderness of Alaska. Well, that might happen of course, but wherever life will take me, I will always want to come back to New Orleans – the place where I was born and raised, where I feel I belong, where my friends and family live and where I have my best memories and probably the saddest as well.

The city of diversity and entertainment, New Orleans is friendly and easy-going, carefree and very romantic.

I like how this city looks, how is smells and how it feels.

If you don’t feel like a party, there is always the City Park with its rivers, lakes, trails, stadiums, picnic areas and old Oak trees. I am sure there is no other city in the world so closely connected to its culinary culture.

No doubt New Orleans has a lot to offer to tourists and locals.


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