Developing A Research Thesis

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Sometimes your thesis needs to evolve as you develop new insights, find new evidence, or take a different approach to your topic.Once you have a topic, you will have to decide what the main point of your paper will have written a Statement of Purpose and done some actual research into the topic.

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If you end up covering too many different aspects of a topic, your paper will sprawl and be unconvincing in its argument, and it most likely will not fulfull the assignment requirements.

For the sample assignment above, both Spain’s neutrality and World War II are topics far too broad to explore in a paper.

You’ll want to read your assignment carefully, looking for key terms that you can use to focus your topic.

After you’ve identified the key words in your topic, the next step is to read about them in several sources, or generate as much information as possible through an analysis of your topic.

To arrive at this point, ask yourself what is new, interesting, contestable, or controversial about your topic.

As you work on your thesis, remember to keep the rest of your paper in mind at all times.Based on this conclusion, you can then write a trial thesis statement to help you decide what material belongs in your paper.Sometimes you won’t be able to find a focus or identify your “spin” or specific argument immediately.Like some writers, you might begin with a purpose statement just to get yourself going.A purpose statement is one or more sentences that announce your topic and indicate the structure of the paper but do not state the conclusions you have drawn.Try to avoid topics that already have too much written about them (i.e., “eating disorders and body image among adolescent women”) or that simply are not important (i.e. These topics may lead to a thesis that is either dry fact or a weird claim that cannot be supported.A good thesis falls somewhere between the two extremes.This point, the “controlling idea,” becomes the core of your argument (thesis statement) and it is the unifying idea to which you will relate all your sub-theses.You can then turn this “controlling idea” into a purpose statement about what you intend to do in your paper.You may instead decide to focus on Franco’s role in the diplomatic relationships between the Allies and the Axis, which narrows down what aspects of Spain’s neutrality and World War II you want to discuss, as well as establishes a specific link between those two aspects.Before you go too far, however, ask yourself whether your topic is worthy of your efforts.


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