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According to my coach the goal of the offense is “to score, to shoot if there is no one to pass the ball.” The goal of the goal keeper, as described by its title, is to block any coming shots to the goal post.

According to him, diversity creates a goal for the coach to reach which is to generate a mix style in soccer having different techniques; therefore, it allows him to approach efficient strategies.

Evidently, this became a goal established by Coach George and later adapted by the SBU Community.

Moreover, I have also included my personal opinions, experience, and observations to discuss this assignment further.

The first characteristic proposed by Swales is the common goal shared within the community which is satisfied by its members and groups (teams).

I also read their newsletter posted online and some personal opinion’s to be more familiar with the community of SBU as a whole.

In addition, I organized a set of questions to ask Coach George to deepen in details my research on the Sonics, information that can only be shared by the Coach.

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Christian Salvatierra April 12, 2013 Throughout sport’s history, we have witnessed the new forms of interaction and built of boundaries that sports have emerged.

This assignment explores the functions of the South Bronx United community, specially the SBU 93- Sonics soccer team, and proves its points to satisfy the Swales’ definition of a discourse community.

The content provided in this assignment is information shared by Coach George, Coach of the SBU 93-Sonics, and South Bronx United website.


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