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The sample included files may be helpful in understanding how to typeset particular objects, including figures, quotes, quotations, tables, and verbatim environments for showing computer input and output, and how to prepare document indexes.Please note that production of technical documents with bibliographies, cross references, figures, indexes, tables, and so on is a complex process that is best guided by a computer program or batch/shell script.Bib Te X is a file format used for lists of references for La Te X documents.

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Just be aware of British versus American style issues.

If you believe that you have found a bug, or infelicity, or missing and/or confusing documentation, in any of the macros and style files defined at Utah for support of student dissertations and theses, please report the circumstances, preferably with all of the files necessary to reproduce the problem on another computer, to the maintainer of this Web page.

Changing the default paper size is easy to do, but not easy to find.

For example, with the Mik Te X distribution, you must run the executable program, which puts up a GUI tabbed panel, and in the middle of the view from the tab labeled button in the lower-right corner, as illustrated here.

Some reference management tools can generate Bib Te X files of your library or folders for use in your La Te X documents. Just send it to your co-authors, and they can review, comment and edit.

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Overleaf synchronizes changes from all authors, so everyone always has the latest version.You might start with one of the documents listed at or you can do a web search for "latex tutorial" and you will find many excellent introductory documents.Take the time to read an online tutorial about La Te X. There are a number of students and professors that are familiar with La Te X and can help you with the basics.In a PDF viewer, try to display the document properties: that should show the paper size.For example, with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the menu path , then your Te X installation has been set for the ISO A4 paper size common in much of the rest of the world.A third even-more-enhanced sample thesis, is similar, but shows how a PDF file of a published journal article can be included as a separate chapter, with separate bibliographies in each chapter and appendix that has literature citations.A fourth yet-more-enhanced sample thesis, is similar, but has an additional Chapter 6 to illustrate use of theorem-like declarations. That is what you would likely do after a round of editing or writing, when complete consistency of cross-references, list of figures and tables, reference lists, and so on, is not essential.It is devoid of color and indexing, but does illustrate figure inclusion and labeling.The distribution also includes an enhanced sample thesis, with associated files, that exercises many of the features described in the above document, including three end-of-volume indexes.Many La Te X installations will produce A4 sized La Te X documents by default!This will appear in printed output as unequal left and right margins and on screen will have a very large bottom margin.


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