Effective School Environment Essay

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School principals must also be open and willing to incorporate innovation into goals for school processes and practices.

So it's important to invite input from all stakeholders in the process of developing school goals.

While the American school system as a whole may be falling behind international standards, there are still some schools that stand out.

Sure, the context of schooling will impact attributes that contribute to effectiveness in specific schools.

Students who want to pursue studies in the humanities would need a mathematical education grounded in statistics and graphical representation, because this focus will be more relevant and prevalent during their postsecondary education career.

Students who intend to pursue a career in engineering or applied physics, for example, would have completely different needs, such as a greater focus on calculus and highly theoretical mathematical concepts like number theory.Creating schools-within-schools for these students would have lasting and measurable benefits for them, as well as benefits for the teacher, who could teach smaller groups of students and offer greater individual attention to student queries and difficulties.A number of school districts view preschool education as an attribute that will influence overall effectiveness across all schools located within the district.Respect is a quality that is promoted and is a fundamental aspect of an effective and safe school.Successful schools also have a number of trained staff and programs, such as social workers, who work with difficult or troubled students before situations get out of hand.Effective leaders are visible, can successfully convey the school's goals and visions, collaborate with teachers to enhance their skills, and are involved in the discovery of and solutions to problems. High Expectations The second attribute is having high expectations of students as well as teachers.High expectations of students have repeatedly been shown to have a positive impact on student performance.Schools able to hire teachers from high-quality teacher education programs are more likely to be effective.But school effectiveness can also be influenced by the frequency, relevancy, and quality of the teacher professional development offered by the school or school district.There are five common attributes that make up an effective school. Leadership The first attribute is quality leadership.Students perform better when the principal and school board members provide strong leadership.


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