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Available in 22 languages, Snapchat is a unique messaging platform with various multimedia features like Live Stories from remote parts of the world and amazing news channels, based on personal preferences.

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If mentioning certain facts, support them with sources, statistics, and evidence, if applicable.

Likewise, discussing negative sides, remember to mention opposite opinions as well.

Writing about Facebook, make sure to mention cultural, political, economic, advertising, and even environmental aspects because Facebook is not only a place where people spend hours daily but a powerful power resource.

With 9 years since its birth, Instagram is a photo and video-sharing media platform for mobile devices.

Let us review positive and negative effects to better understand cons and pros alike.

Good things first: As one can see, an impact of social media essay can vary from topic to topic, which is another challenging issue that most U. students face, thinking of good college essay topics and strong argumentative titles.Remember that any topic can be chosen as long as it has strong argumentation and voices an opinion.It is important to always include sources and statistics that backup specified facts.Living in modern age where majority of social communications take place online, social media has a great impact on how people interact.Capturing millions of users from all over the world, social media became one of the most popular communication means and information sharing.In practice, it means that if writing about Twitter, it is best to mention why and how it is used by politicians and celebrities.Let us review some popular networks in brief: Launched first in 2004, Facebook became one of the most popular social media networks for both young and old.As a result, there are numerous ideas to choose from, depending on style of writing.For example: If you focus on particular site for online interaction, make sure that it fits one of essay styles above.In order to help one’s written assignment be strong, it is recommended to focus either on positive and negative effects of social media essay writing.Of course, it is possible to write of both sides, yet make sure that opinion is clear.


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