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You must insure that your readers will be able to follow the organization and easily make sense of it.Furthermore, you should ask yourself whether or not your introduction and your conclusion could more effectively open and close your essay.Just like a topic sentence summarizes a single paragraph, the thesis statement summarizes an entire essay.

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It is the student's responsibility to acquire the grammatical skills necessary to succeed in a writing class.2- what supporting details or evidence have I provided for my most important generalizations?

Are these supporting details and evidence adequate?

It is specific and focuses on one to three points of a single idea—points that are able to be demonstrated in the body.

It forecasts the content of the essay and suggests how you will organize your information.

After all of the above has been observed; now you ought to consider such things as grammar, spelling, word choice, sentence structure and mechanics.

Despite its importance, grammar is often ignored in the writing classes.Considering your controlling purpose, you ought to discover whether there is adequate support and whether your essay development fulfills the commitment started or implied by the controlling purpose.What supporting details or evidence you have provided and how adequate they are is equally important.His ideas were probably scattered, and the story did not flow very well.When the story was over, you probably had many questions.For every essay you write, you must focus on a central idea.This idea stems from a topic you have chosen or been assigned or from a question your teacher has asked.It is not enough merely to discuss a general topic or simply answer a question with a yes or no.You have to form a specific opinion, and then articulate that into a —the main idea upon which you build your thesis.All your details, evidence, or counter arguments should not only relate clearly to your controlling purpose, but should have the purpose of strengthening the essay.Both the focus and content are strengthened and enhanced by the organization of the essay, which must follow an overall organization strategy.


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