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Marlowe attended school at King’s School where he was awarded a scholarship to Corpus Christi College Cambridge where he studied philosophy, history and theology.In the course of his studies, Marlowe disappeared from the University leading to various speculations that he may have been recruited as government spy (Ross 1).Even though Marlowe’s moral conduct was questionable, his role in the society as playwright has had immense contribution (Ross 6).

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The first great dramatist and poet Marlowe joined the Lord Admiral’s Company in London as an actor and playwright in1587 (Berber 167).

It is while at this company that Marlowe met literary figures like Sir Phillip Sidney and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Ross seemed to have believed that this could be the reason why Marlowe had spent two weeks in Newgate Goal jail in 1589 after he had been charged with murder case.

Marlowe’s sexual orientation, his religious counter and political concern were widely speculative.

These dramatists had very enthusiastic writing skills that the world will continue to admire and use.

Elizabethan Theathre Essay, Research Paper Elizabethan Theatre & Drama Drama and theatrical presentation in Elizabethan England is not acknowledged and remembered today because of individual plays, but for the physical plant itself, its facilities, social attendance, general themes, and writers of the time.He was also stabbed in Deptford over what was seen as a quarrel over the dinner bill but was later believed as deliberated murder connected to his work as secret government agent (Berber 181).Characteristics and Importance of Christopher Marlowe’s Work Marlowe’s playwriting career which lasted for not more than six years had diverse and splendid achievements.Marlowe’s writing skills not only impacted on the entertainment arena but it also influenced peoples’ attitude on freedom of expression, occupational conduct and individual’s pasts (Honan 87).The importance of Marlowe’s work style is widely imitated by most of the world best poets like; “Nashe, Kyd, Ben Johnson, and William Shakespeare” (Honan 89).One reason that the Globe is so famous is because of the close connection with Shakespeare.Once the Globe opened its design and equipment were so good, that it surpassed all its rivals.By far the most famous, or better-said, well known theatre of Elizabethan theatre has to be the Globe.The Globe influenced and affected all other playhouses of the time.Introduction The Elizabethan drama refers to different plays that were produced from 1558 to 1603 while Queen Elizabeth reigned in England (Berber 165).Elizabethan drama did not concentrate only religious themes. Berber points out that this diversity has since led to more public turn out for the events which has enabled the opening of several playhouses and “the most famous Globe Theater in 1599” (Berber 165).


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