Emily Dickinson Transcendentalism Essay

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Feminism is an important aspect in each time period of the This featured Essay On Emily Dickinson is one of many example essays available on this topic.

American transcendentalism was a philosophical, spiritual and literary movement that began as a religious protest within the Unitarian church.

Is it Roland and Maud, or is she suddenly writing about Christabel and Ash again?

Throughout the book, Byatt often makes these switches in characters between scenes without telling the reader.

The effect is that the narrative is essentially no different for each couple living in different time periods.

The same love story that defines Christabel and Ash in the 1860's also describes Roland and Maud in the 1980's.

Religion One of the major differences in the philosophies had to deal with religion and ideas of God.

Transcendentalism was primarily a religious movement, and its' followers viewpoint of God was crucial to an understanding of the philosophy.

Possession is also an example of several literary genres, all written into one book.

At various times it gives evidence of poetry, mythology, a romance novel, a detective story, a fairy tale, journals and diaries, and scholarly writings.


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