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Environment Essays Ielts-28
While the fad for newer technologies is to blame for speeding up the damage, most of the blame lies on the improper disposal of these compound gadgets.

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Write about the following topic: An increase in the production of consumer goods is damaging the environment.

What are the causes behind this environmental damage and how this problem can be solved?

In their opinion, economic growth should be the first priority of the government. In my opinion, economic growth is important but it cannot be at the expense of the environment.

Some people argue that it is impossible for developing countries to further develop without damaging the environment.

While the common people can do their bit by using the 3 R’s, we will make much faster progress if the authorities are questioned and regulated before the population.

Pollution and other environmental damages are caused by a country developing and becoming richer. When nations develop, they will require more resources.

When they are exposed to nature in land dumps, they can make the environment a more toxic place.

It is an unspoken agreement that the larger demand causes for larger exploitation.

This is where the lack of stern policies come into play making what could be a great solution or regulation policy into a loophole allowing further abuse of the natural world.

Enforcement of these pre-existing policies is a must, especially on large scale corporations.


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