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The advantages of the arranged marriage are that the family pays for the whole wedding and other necessary costs.Another benefit of the arranged marriage is that the family will get along with the person they chose because it is their choice.

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Actually, there are some disadvantages in love marriage.

The thing is people who are in love with each other, in most cases, are going to marry spontaneously.

This paper explores advantages and disadvantages of love marriage and arranged marriage.

The arguments and counter arguments of each theory are provided by author’s own experience and researches by Baas (2007), Xiaohe (1990), Blood (1967).

Additionally, if couple’s parents are against the marriage, the wedding day will not be the happiest time for the couple.

In some eastern countries, such as India, the love marriage is going to become denying the ancient traditions and culture, in seek of happiness young people are to run into extremes, leaving and not communicating with their families, or breaking their relations.

Most of the arranged marriages in the East are made between young girls from the poor families and rich old men who try to show their success, or sons of wealthy parents.

Do people see any advantages in arranged marriages?

If the parents and relatives pay the whole wedding costs and other expenses, it is much easier for young couples.

It comes out from the dependence on the family in the young age.


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