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RFK later wrote a report calling for senate sanctions of Mc Carthy's behaviour. His view of the world was essentially Manichaean — divided by good and evil, heroes and villains, right or wrong.

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The Senate ratified the treaty with a bipartisan vote of 80-19.

JFK had other success with Congress, including international trade negotiation authority key to the 1967 Kennedy Round agreement.

As senator, he pushed to have poverty at the top of the government's social agenda.

Unlike other politicians, he went into the backwaters of Appalachia and the hollows of Eastern Kentucky and the Ozarks to sit and talk to poor families about their every struggle to stay alive.

He was literally mobbed everywhere he appeared; his cufflinks were torn off, his shoes taken for souvenirs.” On the night of April 4, 1968, Robert Kennedy stood atop a flatbed truck before a largely black audience in Indianapolis, and told the crowd that Dr. He said, "I had a member of my family killed, and he was killed by a white man." In the days that followed, riots broke out in more than 100 cities. National guardsmen and federal troops were called in to restore order across the country. Both of them were Irish Catholics, both of them hated communism.

Fifty years on, it is hard to explain to the current generation who Kennedy was and what his death meant to the U. Domestically, angry African Americans in their united might were forcing the government to confront racism and finally deal with civil rights in a concrete and meaningful way. Escalation of the Vietnam War by presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson saw more than 500,000 young Americans fighting in the marshes and rice paddies of a country few of them could locate on a map. He was hated as much as he was admired and feared, and later loved.

He reached out and spoke to young people around the world.

In South Africa, he preached freedom to the apartheid regime.

But there’s a lot that isn’t commonly known about the context in which it was delivered, and our Civil War contributor Thomas Martin Sobottke offers these little-known facts.

“It is hard in these callous and polarizing times to convey Bobby Kennedy's national popularity. Ignoring warnings of his security detail and speaking without notes, Kennedy talked about hatred, about love, about the need for compassion in the worst of times. Sixty-three days later, Robert Francis Kennedy was shot in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Young baby boomers coming of age were upending the academic conventions of U. universities by turning the campuses into free-for-alls of angry debate. The left could never forgive him his work with Senator Joseph Mc Carthy's notorious subcommittee on investigations.


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