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An organization may also depend on information being properly encoded or decoded so that the staff can easily understand the message that is intended to be passed out.

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For instance the work mates may communicate amongst themselves during the working hours.

Occasionally, communication at the workplace will depend with the entire surrounding and in case it is a noisy factory the employees are compelled to use nonverbal mode of communication such as gestures, facial expression or use of signals.

In any given organization, Interpersonal communication forms a basic tool at the workplace.

It assures proper coordination of activities and is based on the point of relating with others which forms a major aspect of relationships including both personal and business.

Communication is fundamental system in entire organizations found around the world.

For instance, organizations rely on all forms of communication from nonverbal to verbal during their daily running of business duties.However, the message can be interrupted by a process called noise and can result in discrepancy and sometimes negative feedback from the receiver (Bowman and Targowski 1987).There are no secrets that today’s workplaces are not as yesterday’s.Frequent check up by the manager will ensure that the work is done at the proper time and deadlines are met.The leader or manager of the team should use direct communication in order to avoid misinformation at the workplace and also make sure that every member is notified if there are any changes that have occurred.With an increase in physical size and cultural diversity, the given assertion cannot be doubted.Passing messages between two colleagues speaking different languages can be a daunting task.In order to be competitive at the workplace, a team needs to interact frequently and openly.Team members must communicate with each other irrespective of the distance between themselves since there is advancement in technology and therefore this does not matter.Interpersonal relationship is seen as the way a person communicates with another individual (Yoder, Hugenberg & Wallace, 1996).There are several types of interpersonal communication and includes public speaking, small-group or dyadic forms of communication.


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