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Kane has grown up in a rough, predominantly black neighborhood filled with poverty, drug dealing, gang violence, and death.The choices Kane has to make to better himself could result from the conclusion of a few different kinds of Criminal theories.

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This is because the cheating is deemed to affect the education system in a given manner as the rules tend to be inclined to both the honest and the cheating students.

The grades of the honest students are also affected as they tend to be positioned lower than the cheating ones because the cheating students perform better in most cases although their means are not justified (Smith 1).

The students who are caught in cheating also face a lot of embarrassment and shame such as facing the disciplinary body which could be ruthless thus affecting their self esteem negatively.

The reputation of the particular student is also damaged as he or she is viewed as being incompetent and wrong by the other students, the lecturers and professors and even the administration.

One of the consequences involves failure in the specific course which leads to the overall failure.

This is because cheating may result in getting a zero mark.

Akers adds that operant conditioning, such as external positive and negative reinforcement and punishers, along with imitation, and modeling contribute to the reason an individual leads to crime.

Most students doing PTE Academic gets stressed about PTE Essay Topics.

The students may find themselves being involved in other unethical acts in their adulthood which could lead to more severe consequences than those faced in an educational setting.

Another effect of cheating in exams is that the honest present and even the future students in the system also suffer from the cheating behaviour.


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