Essay On Being Conservative

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More scientific research needs to be done before people can make a definite decision on whether or not abortion is a murder.

This research will help to clarify this topic on a wider basis.

“For myself, I am made uneasy be the third trimester abortions, which take place when the fetus could live outside the mother’s body, but I also know that these are rare and often done on very young girls who have had difficulty comprehending the realities of pregnancy.

It seems to me that the question of late abortions should be decided case by case” (Gordon, 224).

I would like to first point out the fact that abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the United States.

The progressive left stands strong on the argument that women deserve the sole right to decide on abortion.Although I feel it is the woman’s right on deciding this issue, the concern of whether it is a valid reason or not is a major issue.With out a doubt, if a woman is raped I believe abortion is the right choice, but on the other hand a bad decision made one evening, in my belief, is an unmoral reason to abort.I feel strongly that banning abortion and possibly jeopardizing a woman’s entire future should not be permitted.Although Robert George defends the position of anti-abortion he clarifies the thoughts of the pro-abortion side very thoroughly in saying, “In contrasting the pro-life advocate with the pro-choice advocate by depicting (only) the latter as viewing abortion as ‘a decision to be made in accordance with the best scientific opinion as to when the beginning of life…occurs’ (George 217).My standpoint on abortion is developed by both the progressive and conservative sides.I most definitely feel it is woman’s right to decide if she has a valid reason to abort a child.Gordon’s feelings on this specific issue are exactly the way it should be viewed.But with major technology on the anti-abortion side it may be difficult in the near future for even early abortions to be thought of as humane.In the year 1973 abortion laws were decided by the states. This ruling gave woman the ability to make a decision of aborting a child based on their own rights and beliefs.Most of the states banned legal abortion unless the woman’s life was at risk. As of 1973 to the present year of 2003 abortion is a legal procedure but is unfortunately looked upon by some, as murder.


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